Art Gallery in Bujumbura Burundi - Galerie d'Art à Bujumbura Burundi
The first and only permanent art gallery in Bujumbura Burundi where visual artists showcase their work and where you are able to see artists at work in the creation studios at our House of Art
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About Us




A Passion for Art

Samantha Mbonabuca Inarukundo created Twofiveseven Arts with the vision to empower Burundian artists by providing a platform that would enable them to produce and commercialize their artworks.

Being herself a huge art lover, Samantha Mbonabuca Inarukundo has always believed that through art, people’s lives can be changed and that art can be a catalyst for social cohesion.

Photo taken by  Guy Basabose  |  @Guy_Basabose

Photo taken by Guy Basabose | @Guy_Basabose


Twofiveseven Arts was created in 2018 and aspires to curate and sell museum quality fine artworks and crafts.

TwoFiveSeven Arts represents many of Burundi's most respected visual artists and emerging talents and focuses on contemporary art by Burundian and foreign artists evolving in Burundi and the Burundian diaspora.

Samantha Mbonabuca Inarukundo curates the artworks she offers to collectors or art galleries based, not merely on the quality of the art but also on the personal stories of the artists. She believes, in fact, that art becomes more relevant when we are able to understand the story behind the artist.

The main ambition of Twofiveseven Arts is to jump start the Burundian art scene by creating new opportunities for the artists and by providing meaningful support to their creative process.